Meet Kyle

Kyle Cooke 
From a young age, I knew that there was more to Martial Arts than just fighting. So when my training began to encompass Tai Chi and Qigong, I learned of it's healing abilities. I realized this was what I wanted to dedicate my training to. Some people practice for fun or sport, for close to five years I have been practicing with a much deeper and more spiritual aim. Within four years, my level of understanding became profound enough that it was necessary to provide guidance wherever I can. I can see both the physical and spiritual pain all around me and the call to offer help must be answered. I hope to provide health, joy and understanding to those interested in listening.
I have learned forms from both the Sun and Yang Style's of Taijiquan. I have also trained in Taijiquan's complementary Qigong warm-ups, as well as Wuji Style Qigong, 8 Brocades Qigong, and Neigong internal training.
I am a father and enjoy spending time with my 7 year old daughter, teaching her anything I know and helping her to grow.