discovering how to listen your body

I enjoy tea daily but I do not normally 'crave' a particular tea.  At some point in November I noticed a strong craving for Jasmine tea.  I normally follow through with my food cravings, trusting in my body's wisdom.  But this November I was sick the whole month and moved my home... so while I did buy the Jasmine tea I forgot to make any. 

In the beginning of December after moving and recovering from one viral and one bacterial infection the craving came back and it was so strong.  I must say that was an odd craving.  This brief powerful exchange between my body and mind fortunately did not go unnoticed a second time.  This experience reminds me that my body wisdom is always present to support healthy choices. I simply need to be listening. 

A little research and I am hooked ~ for now. 
20151223_095950 (1)

Jasmine Tea is a highly fragrant herbal tea.  It is sweet in flavor and often blended with green tea however white or black tea blends can be used.  Steep jasmine on it's own in the evening for a sweet aromatic night time tea. 

Benefits of Jasmine Tea
  • rich in antioxidants
  • contains antiviral and antibacterial properties
  • fights bacteria PLUS helps our gut form god bacteria
  • stress relief
  • helps strengthen immune system
  • cancer preventative
  • anti-inflammatory
  • prevents IBS
  • reduces cholesterol and improves circulation