The Art of Natural Breathing

This class is taught by:

Dunja Carlson-Moeller

Dunja Carlson-Moeller Ph.D. Dunja was born in Germany and moved to the United States to study. She is an anthropologist with extensive research and clinical training in medical anthropology, a field concerned with cross-cultural comparisons of medical systems and healing processes.Through her work she has gained considerable expertise and insight into issues relating to health and illness. She is the author of Gentle Medicine, a book on oncology (cancer research) within the alternative medical culture of anthroposophical medicine. Dunja has worked with groups and group process for over 15 years. She has worked at the Center for Psychology and Social Change within “PEER” (program for extraordinary experience research) gaining insights into experiences with non-ordinary states of consciousness and how these facilitate deep healing. At Harvard Medical School she chaired the academic council, an academic and interdisciplinary forum, addressing a wide range of topics on healing and social change.

She is certified in Postural Integration (deep tissue structural bodywork), studied Jin Shin Jyutsu (Japanese Acupressure) and is a graduate of the Lynn Andrews School for sacred arts and training. In her private practice in Massachusetts Dunja integrates the powerful tool of safe touch and intuitive counseling to allow for transformation and healing of the individual as a whole.

The Art of Natural Breathing is a tool for unprecedented healing, as we release the past through inhaling and exhaling with consciousness, allowing us to trust and be at peace with our creations. In tapping into the loving power of the universe, we learn to let go and allow the breath to lead us to a more inner, subtle dimension of life based on pure potential, growth and change. By choosing to breathe with consciousness we are able to transcend physical limitations and co-create life anew each and every moment. Discover for yourself how through this guided breath workshop you can heal the sub-conscious layers of your emotional body as well as the physical body. Investement = $35.00 paid upon registration Wear comfortable warm clothing and bring a soft mat if you have one.